Synergies between Nature and Buildings for Future Communities

Mutiara Hills began by understanding the basic needs of homeowners. Harmonizing intention and creation to ensure the perfect home environment for everyone.

The Story of Semenyih

SEMENYIH, a small town whose name originated from the Malay word “Sembunyi” (hidden place), is no longer such a place. With robust development taking place, Semenyih, located south of Greater KL just outside Kajang, is steadily revealing its charm to homebuyers and property investors.

Semenyih is a town and a mukim in Hulu Langat District in southeastern Selangor, Malaysia along the Kajang–Seremban road. It is 28 km (17 mi) southeast of downtown Kuala Lumpur and 8 km (5.0 mi) southeast of Kajang.

One of the main attractions in Semenyih is the Broga Hills. Broga Hill is located in the town of Semenyih, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. It is also known as Bukit Lalang or Bukit Broga. Standing at 400m tall, it is a relatively simple hike that offers a panoramic view of Broga town. As such, it can get really crowded during the weekends during the morning and evening hours.

Background of Mutiara Hills

Mutiara Hills was previously a palm oil plantation named Balau Estate, with the 1,201 acres of agricultural land formerly owned by Boustead Plantations and now acquired by Boustead Properties. The mixed-use township will offer residential and commercial units as well as a business hub.

Accessibility to Mutiara Hills

Masterplan of Mutiara Hills

The total acreage for the overall development of Mutiara Hills is about 1,201 acres. Meanwhile, the development was divided into 3 sectors, which is for Sector 1 is about 237.25 acres and sector 2 & 3 is about 915.75 acres in total. The site context’s figure 1 shows the breakdown parcel for the entire township.

  • 237.25 acres Sector 1
  • 915.75 acres Sector 2 & 3 (Future Development)
1201 acres in total

Proposed Location for Roundabout’s Sculpture

The Sculpture

The Aim

The aim of the competition is to have a significant landmark at the roundabout to reflect the identity of Mutiara Hills.

The Objective

The objective is to create a sculpture at the roundabout that signifies the identity of Mutiara Hills and Boustead’s presence in the industry. Sustainability is Mutiara Hills’ main essence, and the sculpture should portray and communicate this message across.

Sculpture Installation at Roundabout

The submission requirements are as per below:

Design criteria:

  1. The installation that you propose should be an exclusive work, designed specifically for this project.
  2. The sculpture must reflect the vision of Mutiara Hills being a sustainable township, which is self-sufficient, and low maintenance.
  3. The design should not block or distract the view of road users when stopping at the roundabout.
  4. The dimensions should be in the range of 20 ft in width and not more than 32 ft in height.
  5. External finishes should be complementary overall to the development and be considerate to the public’s use with respect to solar glare factors.

Sustainability Aspects:

  1. The design features of the sculpture need to integrate self-sustaining elements that allow for the sculpture to be maintained in long term i.e., solar system and rainwater harvesting system.
  2. We encourage to use of recyclable materials waste.

Estimated Budget:

The estimated construction cost (including SST) is RM 150,000.
On the basis of the competition results the budget will be verified, confirmed or adapted.



25th January 2023

Invitation to Participants

17th February 2023

Registration Open Date

27th February 2023

Registration Closing Date

17th March 2023 @ 11.59pm

Submission Closing Date

22nd – 27th March 2023

Evaluation Period

03rd April 2023

Announcement of Winners

10th April 2023

Start of Industry Exposure Exercise