HPKK Cartoon Funwalk

On the 18 November 2023, we did more than build spaces; we created hope. In partnership with Hospital Pakar Kanak-Kanak UKM (HPKK), we embarked on a meaningful mission- to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Patient Welfare Fund through HPKK’s Cartoon Funwalk in conjunction with World Children’s Day.

Together with 350 participants, we walked 2.5km, united in supporting underprivileged children in urgent need of medical care. Every ringgit raised makes a difference for the children, from helping them battle against cancer to enabling them to hear for the first time with cochlear implants.

At Mutiara Spaces, we are driven by compassion, thoughtfulness, and action. We invite you to be inspired and join us to make positive changes. For more information and how you can contribute, visit @hkppukm

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